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No subject is more delicate in criminal justice than an allegation against a juvenile.  While Pat spends most of his time in adult court, he has a passion and pays special attention to juvenile cases.  Everyone under the age of 18 that is charged with a crime in California is subject to a different set of procedures and rules, and no one knows those rules better than former juvenile prosecutor Pat Carey.  As a certified criminal law specialist, Pat dedicated an entire year of service to the juvenile justice system as a prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.  While there, he assisted juveniles and their families with the difficult task of navigating a juvenile charge.  Pat handled fitness hearings, adjudications, and every other aspect of juvenile cases for an entire calendar year.  As a defense lawyer, he uses that insight to make sure his clients receive the most fair result while making sure the charges do not have a lasting effect on a child’s future.

As a family man himself, Pat takes pride in guiding not only his juvenile clients, but their family members who are going through the difficult time with their child.  Do not rely on a non-expert when it comes to your child’s future.  Contact our office today.