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Author Archives: Vanessa Auburn

SB 1391 – Juvenile Justice Reform

The California State Senate has taken yet another step in amending and refining our juvenile justice system.  Many people don’t realize the vast differences between adult criminal court and the juvenile delinquency system.  The juvenile system is set up to rehabilitate and reform minors rather than punish them.  It is with this in mind that… Read More »

Thanks To You

Thank you to our loyal clients who have honored us for the fourth year in a row with the Client’s Choice Award via Avvo.com. Avvo is a law specific directory and rating community where clients and your peers can leave reviews and endorsements. Customer service is something that we take very seriously. Everyone deserves to… Read More »

Mental Health Diversion – AB 1810

Reforms to the criminal justice system are occurring at a frantic pace in California, as the legislature looks to solve problems with the most heavily populated prison system in the country.  Most recently, Gov. Brown signed Assembly Bill 1810 into law, a groundbreaking new bill that allows for individuals with mental health disorders to be… Read More »

Happy New Year 2018

Happy new year! As we reflect on 2017 and look forward to 2018, we are very proud of the work we have done and have in sight.  We would like to thank everyone who has assisted our office and clients.  Rapido Bail Bonds has graciously treated our clients like VIP and kept them out of… Read More »

Don’t Get Scammed By Your DUI Lawyer!

Continuously I consult with DUI clients who either have consulted with other lawyers or even have other lawyers who have sold them a false bill of goods.  DUI clients are ripe for getting scammed because they aren’t your “typical” criminal defendant.  I pride myself and my practice on being up front with people arrested or… Read More »

Pat Carey Describes Domestic Violence Cases

Click Below to See Pat Carey Discuss Domestic Violence Defense

“Battle of the Bay” – SURFER MAGAZINE

As our motion for summary judgment to have Spencer et. al v. Lunada Bay Boys dismissed once and for all is pending in federal court, the case has been reviewed by Surfer Magazine. Battle for the Bay – Surfer Magazine, August 2017

Veterans Diversion for DUI Arrest – California Senate Bill 725

Governor Brown has signed a new bill into law effective immediately that allows veterans and service members arrested for DUI to be granted diversion. This means that, similar to first time drug offenders, veterans can earn the right to have their DUI case dismissed. Contact Veterans Diversion Lawyer Pat Carey today for expert DUI representation… Read More »

What Is The Standard Sentence on a First Time DUI?

The maximum sentence on a first-time DUI is 6 months and jail and a $1,000 fine (plus penalties and assessments totaling approximately $5,000). This sentence is never imposed, but everyone who accepts a deal is advised of this maximum sentence. Every DUI conviction is “priorable” for a period of 10 years.  Meaning, if you receive… Read More »

Judicial Diversion in California – Penal Code Section 1001.94

What is judicial diversion? Penal Code Section 1001.94 was enacted to create a system in which first time offenders could earn a dismissal of their case such that it would not affect their future like a criminal conviction does.  This section creates a process by which a case can be settled outside the norm of… Read More »