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John Patrick Carey, Esq.



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Pat Carey is a State Bar Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist and Former Prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.   He brought his knowledge of everything prosecution to put forward the best possible defense for his clients. He has not only the experience, but Pat also trained Law Enforcement agencies and new prosecutors during his tenure with the DA’s Office.  In September 2017, Pat trained a South Bay law enforcement task force at Gardena Police Department how to conduct DUI investigations.  As a criminal defense lawyer, he has mastered the art of negotiation for his clients, and when your case cannot be settled Pat is relentless at trial.  His trial experience is unmatched by his competitors given his experience in the District Attorney’s office.

Pat is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist with the California State Bar.  What does that mean?  Well, there are 250,000 lawyers in California and only 400 have been granted the specialization.  The State Bar will only award the specialization to those lawyers with the sufficient trial statistics and courtroom experience.  So while a defense lawyer may tell you they have all the experience in the world, if they not a Board Certified Specialist, they do not have the experience they claim.  Pat does.

Pat Carey is not just a “former prosecutor.”  He has tried 67 jury trials for cases ranging from driving under the influence misdemeanors, to gang crimes, to special circumstance murder cases. As a District Attorney, he additionally spent one year assigned to a juvenile division focusing exclusively on juvenile cases where he handled over 75 juvenile adjudication trials. As a felony trial lawyer, Pat conducted over 1,600 preliminary hearings. His experience as a prosecutor is unmatched by those who claim to be “former prosecutors.” In his time as a criminal defense attorney, he has had cases dismissed either at the urging of the prosecutor or by taking the case to a judge and requiring dismissal. In addition to his jury trial experience, Pat Carey has also handled thousands of drug possession and sales cases, sex crimes, robberies, burglaries, fraud, theft and embezzlement cases.  Many criminal defense lawyers you meet will tell you that you should hire them because they have been practicing for decades.  Keep in mind, however, that in Pat Carey’s career he has already likely handled more cases, conducted more jury trials, and had more success than those attorneys have had in their time.  Pat is a new breed of criminal defense attorney.  He is up to date on the law, is technologically savvy, and understands how the office that is prosecuting you works inside and out.  In his career as a criminal defense lawyer, he has already been named “Client’s Choice” for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 by the lawyer rating guide, Avvo.com.

While Pat works cases all over Los Angeles county, his criminal law firm specializes in the South Bay, given his long standing relationships in the local courtrooms. Pat most frequently handles cases in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Torrance, Palos Verdes, and Long Beach.

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